Edible Photo Images for Every Occasion: Express Your Love

edible photo imagesIt is hard sometimes to find the right theme or photograph for the appropriate event. Now, with edible photo images, you will face no such problems. Icing Images includes pictures of celebrities, cartoons, copyrighted photos, professional photographer pictures, or any picture you want to be printed. To get an appropriate image to choose on a particular theme of cake, you can even take help you’re your friend on the suggestions of edible photo/image ideas for cake and pastry decoration.

Occasions You Can Use It In:

Birthday Cake: If you are throwing a surprise birthday party for your mom or dad, it is difficult to find a usual cake and still express all the emotions you want to. In such cases, you will surely want to prepare an interesting cake for the birthday party. A customized cake will always beautify the emotion and portray your intention at the best way possible. With an edible image, you can pick a photograph or more, make a collage out of it and then print the photo collage on the cake of his/her birthday party.

Marriage Anniversary: Another moment when you are over-joyed and humbled with emotions. You really feel lucky sometimes to have such a strong support by your side. Thus, to show your love and respect to your partner, choose the unique way and create this beautiful cake. Design the cake with beautiful and gorgeous photos of your loved moments, it will mean the world to him/her.

Farewell: This is both a sad and happy moment where your colleague leaves your work premises and starts a new life. So, to both cherish the memories you have spent and wish him/her best of luck for the next venture, it is a great idea to have a cake with edible photo images. You can print an image, which portrays some happy memorable moment of your work experience, parties and some fun moments at the work space.

Now, you will never feel misplaced for any gift. You will rather be glad of the cake you have chosen.