How are Photos Put on Cakes?

cake photo images

Technology has advanced through the years, and lucky enough for everyone, it has come to the point where edible printers, inks, and papers are now available to make decorating a whole lot easier! That said, you even have the option to place cake photo images on your cake.

After choosing the image you desire, you simply have to connect an edible printer that supports the usage of edible inks. Cut it out to your desired shape, either circle, a square, or just about any shape you fancy.

Papers that are used for edible photos are called “icing papers” or “frosting sheets”. These sheets are made to dissolve on any moist surface, which in this case, refers to the icing on your cake.

However, do remember that if these papers come into contact with a very watery or runny substance, then the photo may simply melt away, creating a smudge of colors on top of your icing instead of getting a beautiful picture. Therefore, you have to be wary when choosing which icing or frosting you will be using.

Frostings which are made of buttercream, regular icing, fondant, stiff whipped cream, or non- dairy toppings are recommended when putting photos on your cake. The fun part is, you can even use frozen ice cream cakes!

There are also edible printers that support direct to food printing, but that really depends on the size of your cake. If it’s flat enough or if the height fits the size supported by the printer, then help yourself to it.

Just remember to use edible non-toxic inks for printing! There are tons of different edible ink products to choose from. Just be sure to check the label and the contents of the ink. With the right printer and ink, putting cake photo images on your baked goods is definitely a piece of cake!