How to Bake a Cake with Edible Photo?

edible photo 2You might have seen various printed cakes and bakeries in your social media account and you are very much interested in making one by yourself. We will help you in the process! While making an edible printed cake, you need everything you need to prepare a cake, icing sheet and edible ink cartridges. These printer inks are essentially specially engineered food coloring that is designed to be used in a printer without gumming it up.

You might be wondering how we can put a picture on a cake and the answer is, you just have to put the whole cake through the printer. You can have your picture printed in the cake or a graphic image printed on a cake. It is great item for an awesome birthday party or for an anniversary. Once you have used the edible inks to print the image onto the edible paper, you simply place it onto your cake (or cupcake or cookie) and you have an edible image!

Creating the edible photo images are all done with edible paper and edible ink with an inkjet printer. The paper is called a ‘frosting sheet’ or ‘icing sheet’ which should be used for the edible photo. It is an actual thin layer of icing that is backed by plastic. The inks used to print the image in frosting sheet are also edible. This sheet simply slides through a printer like a normal piece of paper and once you take the plastic backing off, it adheres to icing on the cake.

When you receive your edible icing sheet you will also receive instructions on how to apply the sheet to the cake. Edible photo images are not only innovative but it is a great way to express your love and affection creatively. With the quality of ink refills continually improving the consumers, the refills are experiencing great demand for this product.