Printing Your Selfie in a Cake and Eating It

Do you know what’s better than printing your picture on a mug or on a shirt? It’s probably printing your selfie on a cake then eating it! These days, technology allows confectioneries to get into the novelty of picture printing by offering to print pictures on cakes.

How Do They Do It?

First of all, the customer has to be the one to present the picture. Measurements have to first be made in order for the picture to perfectly fit the cake. Most cake shops who offer these types of services would have professional designers who do all the editing and all the customizing of the photo as per the instructions of the client.

Once the final picture has been made, then the next step would be to print it out on the cake. Cake shops that offer these types of services would have food printers where you can actually print a chosen picture on a dish– most commonly on a cake. They make use of edible  ink to print out the pictures. Usually, the pictures would come out the same as in the picture. They would be regarded as edible photo images.

Do I Eat It?

It is cake, and it does taste good, so the only thing to do is to eat your edible photo images! You won’t have to worry about the ink used for printing as the ink is edible. However, you might want to choose to look at it first before devouring it in one go.