Where to Use Edible Letters & Photo Images?

edible photo images1Clearly is you are not aware of the amazing technology called Edible Printer, you are living under rocks. These are the new-age printers which can offer you readily designed and edible print in food items. We know, you are fond of baking, and you often try your hands at it. Do you know about edibles letters that are being used very popularly by professional and individual bakers?

Edible Images & Letters

Edible letters and edible photo images are eatable alphabetical characters made using the edible printer, which can be fixed on cakes and other bakery items. You can use these letters when you have to write a message on your cake, pastry or any other baked stuff. Not only on baked up things, you can also paste it on any other food item. There are available fonts of various shapes, colors, and sizes, which you can use according to the color and theme of the cake. These fonts are available at the Inkedibles.com website. However, you can prepare it on your own, by printing your favorite style of fonts on edible papers.

Where to use Edible Letters

You can use these fonts at a number of occasions. What you need to do is to use your creativity. Following are a few stuffs where you can apply these fonts:

Cakes – if you’re preparing a cake, and you want to write a message on it, you can use these fonts.

Pastries – Even on the soggy surface of the pastries, you can glue these alphabets.

Toast – To give an interesting turn to your kid’s breakfast, you can put a message on the toasts.

Edible inks are flavourless initially so, it will not impair the taste of your food when you add this edible photo images. Edible Ink is actually edible as it consists of different edible food colors and edible ink with a sprint of corn starch is what you need.