Food Grade Cartridges: A note about sponges and plastics used

Canon printers used for edible ink printing are designed to be used with cartridges that have sponges. Using cartridges without sponges could cause leaks or inefficient printing. For best printing results cartridges with food grade sponges should be used.

Epson and Brother printers used for edible ink printing are designed to use cartridges without sponges. Only cartridges without sponges are available for these printers.

Inkedibles® products including sponges/plastics are designed and tested to be food grade safe and FDA compliant, and are also designed and tested to perform to the highest level of quality on the market.

Note: Food grade sponges & cartridges filled with edible inks are not prone to grow bacteria as some competitor websites may claim. Bacteria can grow in many conditions, but InkEdibles® edible ink is a very poor environment for bacterial growth because of the high level of ethanol in the ink. Ethanol and other alcohols actually resist the growth of most microbes. The food grade sponges in the edible ink cartridges are saturated with edible ink, hence saturated with ethanol alcohol, so these sponges and cartridges are not a hospitable breeding ground for bacteria.