Food Ink and their Tasty Printed Food

The process of making and designing food has come a long way. For some, food is not just about taste; it is also about expressing creativity. Some people even go as far as utilizing edible food stamps in order to give their creations a neater and more unique design. Some people go even further by incorporating food into an unlikely field – printing.

Printing is now beyond paper and traditional ink thanks to modernizations like 3D printing. 3D printing allows people to produce three-dimensional objects with the help of computer control. Innovators are able to take this technology up a notch by integrating food into the concept. Now, it is possible to 3D print food. There is even a restaurant that serves unique, 3D printed dishes! This establishment is known as Food Ink.

What is Food Ink?

Food Ink is a pop-up restaurant that takes advantage of 3D printing in almost every aspect of their business. 3D printed meals are the highlight of their restaurant, but they 3D printed more than that. Various elements in their restaurant, from their eating utensils, tables, chairs, decorations and more, are also 3D printed.

In their official website, they boast an exclusive, gourmet experience that they put together through 3D printing.

What does Food Ink serve?

Essentially, 3D printing is accomplished by layering the material or “ink” on top of each other and melding these layers. In typical situations, the ink can range from the common plastic to the fragile glass. In 3D food printing, the ink is made by turning the edible materials into paste.

Food Ink utilizes different kinds of ink paste to serve their unique, tasty dishes to their guests. They add variety to their menu, so the food they serve won’t always be the same. However, they typically serve hors d’oeuvres, starters, a main course, and dessert.

For hors d’oeuvres they serve the following:

  • Rose Sensation
  • Fizzy Fruits
  • Tetris Tapas

Their starters consist of:

  • Cosmic Delight
  • Mimetic Peanuts
  • Air Caviar
  • Fish and Chips

The main course has the following options:

  • Flower Power Minestrone
  • Caesar’s Flower of Life
  • Mystic Prawns
  • Steak TARTRIS
  • Octo-ink

Lastly, dessert features these:

  • Love Bites
  • 3D Boscana
  • Cacao Labyrinth
  • Tea-D-Printing
  • London After Eight

Another thing to note about Food Ink is that, they don’t merely serve the food, they also allow their guests to immerse themselves in technology. The restaurant goers are given the opportunity to observe how the process of 3D printing food works. Virtual reality is also utilized when eating some of the dishes in order to awaken all of the senses.

Final Thoughts

While simpler methods of food design like edible food stamps or edible cake toppers are more widespread, 3D food printing clearly has a lot of potential. With the help of technology like 3D printing, food can be a work of art in and of itself.

Although it is still a developing technology, Food Ink proves that 3D printing can bode well for the future of food creation. Food Ink combines the genius and creativity of 3D printing with the essentially of food.