Everything You Should Know About Edible Ink

Edible InkEdible printer ink is now a trend. This comes in two kinds. First is the freehand kind. Cake decorators tend to use this and a variety of tools in order to form shapes on cake surfaces. Tools can be in the form of pens or even canisters for airbrushing. The second ones are edible printer ink cartridges that work like the regular ink cartridges, but they are safe for humans to consume. By using edible paper, you can print out an image with the ink. Afterwards, you are free to make cut-outs with scissors or a knife. Regular inkjet printers can work fine, so you do not have to worry about buying a more expensive edible ink printer.

As for the kind of paper used, you can choose from a selection of papers such as icing sheets that are usually flavored with vanilla to allow easy printing and wafer papers made from rich and potato starches that come cheap. Icing sheets can be used for photographs and designs that can work well with the icing that is already on the cake. Wafer paper is ideal for abstract designs or background textures that do not need sharp lines. Regardless of what paper is used, any of these choices can be your fit.

When using these inks, do not expect them to easily meet your demands. Check if the cartridges are working and make sure to adjust the color setting so that you will not have the wrong output. Find better quality brands of ink when necessary.