How Are Images Put on Cakes?

cake-photo-imagesCakes are often found on any kind of celebration. Whether it’s the toddler’s first birthday or your parents 50th Anniversary, a cake is an important element to celebrate the occasion right.

And while icing a personal message on top of the cake is a good way to show your love for them, cake photo images are the latest trend of celebrating an occasion in a fun way.

What are Cake Photo Images?

Cake photo images are nothing but edible images placed on top of cakes to give it a personalized look and feel. Through the help of modern technology, you can simply print an image with edible inks on an edible piece of paper and place it on top of a cake, simple as that!

You can edit the cake photo images as much as you want before printing to give it a more personal and special look before gifting it to your loved ones.

How Does the Process Happen?

The process of making a cake with an edible photo image is as easy as printing a normal sheet of paper:

  • The first thing you need is a digital version of the image you want to place on the cake.
  • Edible printers work similar to normal printers, but they only use inks that are completely edible. So, use edible “icing paper” instead of normal sheets.
  • The printer then prints the cake photo images on the icing paper.
  • The image is placed on top of the cake, which is absorbed fairly easily by the frosting of the cake, leaving behind a vibrant image on top of your cake.
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How Are Images Put on Cakes?
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