How to Avoid Clogging Of Edible Printer Images?

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If your printer is not yielding hues accurately or if it is causing some other issues related to the printing, your nozzle test is a must. In case, the nozzle test is not demonstrating all the cartridge hues obviously, then you will more than likely need to clean your print head. The edible ink contains of fixings that can crystallize when temperatures either get excessively cool. Let’s find out about the problems related to clogging with edible printer and print edible images:

Why does it happen?

  • Print heads of any printer, whether it is regular or edible can clog for various reasons like non-utilization of a printer and especially when you have edible cartridges installed. Edible printers are used to print edible images for cakes and when it is not used for a while, it can bring about the water from the ink beads. This aggregate at the heads to vanish, deserting crystalline stores and causes to stop up the print heads.
  • Edible ink cartridges are produced using different natural ingredients, the edible ink is incorporated with sugar which can solidify if kept under 18 degrees Celsius. This also causes if the printer or cartridges are kept in a region where it is very cool and also not used for a long time.

Solution to the Clogging Problem of Edible Print:

To unclog your printhead, you can install a set of cleaning cartridges. Then you will have to run an internal printer feature called “cleaning and deep cleaning”. The process of cleaning: Go to Printer Properties > Maintenance > Cleaning. It will get you the seamless printing results for print edible images.