How To Fix The Color Issues Of Edible Prints?

Edible inks have made our lives quite easier with the unique ways we can gift our loved ones. Since, it is so useful and so much fun, but you might also face some of the problems as well in the printouts of the same.  There are times when you have a beautiful image on a particular color shade but then the print comes out and you see a different color altogether. Edible prints can be unpredictable like that when there is some issue going on. What are these issues?

Color Issues: Firstly you need to check whether all the inks are full and in working condition. Once you do that, you should do a nozzle test while going to the printer setting and if you find out that any color is not working. For a quick fix you can look for the troubleshooting tips and clean the ink heads.

Adjust Image Settings: Go to the property of the printer settings (Print> Properties > Main > Color/Intensity > Manual> Set) and adjust the color balance between Cyan Magenta and Yellow. While you do the balancing right, you might have to test simultaneously and get to know about the balance perfectly.

Quality Ink: This is the most basic aspect to consider, affordable inks or re-manufactured inks are fine as long as you are using the quality ink. A poor batch of ink will leave you keep experimenting all your life. Quality is always the king and therefore, when your edible inks are on point, half your edible prints will come out just the way you can see the picture.

Wrong Supplier: It is quite simple that a good supplier will keep you happy and the wrong supplier will ruin your life. Be it an original equipment ink or re-manufactured ink, getting it from the right and trustworthy supplier can save your time and money both.