How to Use Edible Images on Cakes?

print edible imagesEdible images have become very popular on cakes and the reason behind that is quite simple though. People love to enjoy their old memories over and over, no matter what went on to the relationship but it is wonderful to recall good old times. There have been cases where very weak relationships can simply bond over some good memories, memories simply have the healing power.

The response for print edible images has been going strong and the collections of pictures you will find out is another amazing factor to look forward to. For example, a texture collection is very necessary aspect to give your cake the finest detailing. Let’s now find out what is the method of using edible images on cake:

First find the image and cut it as per the size you need it and keep it aside. Outline and fill the cake with icing/frosting.  Now, while the icing is still wet, remove the backing of the frosting sheet, gently place the image on the cake.  Finally check the detailing of the edges and corners down.


Prepare the images as per the size needed and set aside. Check the consistency of the icing into thin piping until it is loosened, use water to loosen the consistency.  It should not be too loose to spread out all over. Now, remove the backing of the image and gently cover the back with the loosened icing.  Then put into the edible image into the cake and you will be done.

A few tips to go along with the edible printing cake are that hot hands can tear off the images. If you have a warm hand, you must wash your hands in really cold water and dry thoroughly. If you want to start a bakery business, there is a lot of buzz around cakes with print edible images in town. A piped or sprinkled edge will always look good on the cake but make sure to color co-ordinate.