Making a World of Digital Imaging with Edible Prints

The digital edible imaging has revolutionized the bakeries as much as any other industries. Now you can have a perfect photo cake just in a minute. The technology behind edible prints is already increasing by leaps and bounds. It is now possible to scan your favourite photographs, greetings, personal messages or wishes, sketches and print it on special edible Icing sheet also known as Frosting sheet. It is as easy as it seems and anyone can try this trick without having any special skills for making photo cake.

The edible technology is a fantastic opportunity to professional bakers and cake shops. They can now take their prospects to the next level by digitally decorating projects and adding value through photo cakes. With this technology, using edible prints, icing sheets and edible ink, one can make perfect image cake in just few minutes. With this latest edible digital technology, you can have your dream photograph, favourite images and sketches on cake right at your home kitchen.

The icing sheets, also known as Frosting sheets are made from corn starch and sugar. They are extremely thin and just melt into the cake topping within minutes. Made from the finest quality food grade ingredients, there is nothing to worry about.

The Icing sheets can be used on butter and rich cream cake toppings. You can also use edible prints to decorate cupcakes, cookies and other confectionary items. It is now easy to add unlimited expressions with edible prints.