How Edible Food Wrapping Save the Environment

Food packages are used to contain the food and protect food products from any damage. As much as it is beneficial, food packages also have an impact on environmental pollution especially if it is not disposed of properly. Luckily, we now have the so-called edible wrapping. It is a newly discovered food packaging that is edible and biodegradable. Evoware, an Indonesian-based company came up with the idea to create a new packaging material made from seaweed. Just imagine buying a burger and being able to eat even its wrapper. The company aims to end plastic waste issue by using seaweeds.

Why seaweeds?

  • They are available throughout the year.
  • Its waste can also be used as fertilizers for plants.
  • It is safe, nutritious, and halal.
  • It only needs 45 days to cultivate.
  • They are harvested and converted into wrapper without using chemicals, so it is safe.

The company not only aims to solve the waste issue, but it also aims to help farmers. An increased demand for seaweed will also help increase the farmers’ livelihood. As of the moment, the production of the product is quite expensive compared to the traditional packaging. The company hopes that this simple step to reduce plastic waste will hit the global market in the future and completely solve waste problems.

Each year, thousands of plastic waste is produced, and it brings harm to the environment. Oceans are polluted and sea creatures are affected. Edible wrapping is the best solution to avoid further damage to the environment.