Pancake Printing Machine: How It Works

With the all-new PancakeBot, it’s now possible for you to print out pancakes in any design that you like. PancakeBot is a brand new innovation of food printers that professional bakers and enthusiasts around the globe will love. It is, in fact, one of the first food printers that can print food in any shape and size.

So how exactly does it work?

First, you find the desired image that you want and save it in the usual image format (either a JPG or PNG file). Put the file into an SD card and input the SD card into the PancakeBot. The PancakeBot will then read the image and start to make the batter following the image that was uploaded in the SD card.

There are also more functions that the machine provides so that you can change the texture and the shade of your pancake. You are able to control the heat, the dispensing speed, and the pressure of the machine so that you can define the final outcome the way you like it. The best part is that it won’t take long to print out your pancake. It’s pretty much like printing out a full colored graphic picture– but on a pancake.

The machine’s starting cost is around $300 per device. It has a very long shelf life. It’s especially ideal for people who want to go into the food business and would want to add a little creative twist to what they make when in the kitchen.