How to Color Icing

In the world of cake decorating and baking, icing colors are important. It adds appeal to any cake, and it attracts potential customers. Cake decorators use different types of food colors to make their creations appealing. Have you ever wondered how bakers know which colors will work together for their cakes? There are two ways on how to add colors to the icing.

1. Liquid food coloring

These are the types of food color that is familiar to everyone. They can be purchased at grocery stores, and there are four colors to choose from – red, yellow, blue, and green. To use, just add drops of the food color to the icing until you achieve your desired shade. You can also mix the colors to get the icing colors you want. These are water- based and do not produce deep colors. These are the best choice for pastel shades.

2. Gel-paste food coloring

These are more concentrated in form and are available in different shades and colors. Only small amount is required when using it. To use, dip a toothpick into the colored paste and add to the icing and mix well. You can add a small amount at a time to achieve your desired color. These are effective in dyeing a large number of icings. These are available at cake supply shops and online.

Choosing the right combination of colors in coloring an icing shouldn’t be hard. This becomes easier with time. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, you will never how you will be surprised at the outcome.