Tips on Making Logo Cookies

cookies-logo_inkediblesCurrently, party planners have been challenging themselves to make their party events stand out from the rest. Some clients even demand their parties to have unique foods to be served so they will cherish the event and see it as something that they would do as well if they plan to throw a party in the future.

With this reason, edible images are now part of the fad. Now, logo cookies are made and usually served at parties that involve marketing to endorse their brand to other people. If you are interested to make logo cookies for your party, then read on to find out tips to successfully make your own.

To start, you have to print out a high-resolution logo so it will not turn out as blurry when printed on edible sheets. Also, remember to only use high-grade edible ink so the pictures will turn out great. If you find it hard to print your own, bakeries near your place may have a printing service so it won’t be a hassle for you to source edible sheets and inks.

The next step is to make a sugar cookie dough. After making it, make sure to chill the dough for at least an hour before cutting it on your desired shape then bake it. Afterward, ice the cookies with royal icing and let it sit until the icing is completely dry. To put the edible image, put a thin coat of corn syrup onto the icing which will act as a glue to your edible sheet.

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Tips on Making Logo Cookies
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