A Guide to Making Photo Cookies

photo-cookiesThe procedure to make photo cookies is almost the same as the process of making logo cookies. The only difference is this one is usually served on small parties, particularly, kids’ parties. Also, the images used on photo cookies are random pictures that are chosen by the parents. However, this party treat is not limited to be served for kids only as it can also be used for weddings and anniversaries.

If you are planning to make photo cookies for your own party or just want to surprise your peers on your new found hobby of putting pictures on cookies, then here are some tips to help you:

  • Open your Word document and add the image you want to use onto your cookies. Make sure to size it properly so it will fit, then copy and paste it several times on the same page. In most cases, around 12 images can fit per page. However, it actually depends on the size that you are making.
  • Some local bakers offer services to print out edible images for you to avoid buying the products that most likely you will only use once or twice. With that, you can save the hassle of buying your edible printing materials by finding a bakery that can print out pictures for you.
  • Make the dough and cut it to your desired shape. Rectangular shapes are ideal, but you can choose other shapes as well.
  • Bake it and make the frosting. After baking, let it sit until it is okay to put the frosting on the top.
  • Put a thin layer frosting on the cookie. This will act as a glue so you can put the edible pictures on it.
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A Guide to Making Photo Cookies
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