Photo Cookies and How to Make Them

Photo-CookiesPhoto Cookies are cookies with images literally printed on them. This is a great gift idea if you’re planning to give your loved ones a really special and instagrammable Christmas present. For making Christmas cookies, you’ll need your edited JPEG file, your printer, edible ink, and an edible icing sheet. You may find edible inks in the baking supplies shop. Try to ask them for Blue, magenta and yellow colors. These three are the basic colors you’ll need to produce a solid, high-definition image.

As for the edible icing sheet, you may also find it in the baking supplies shop. It is a bit thinner than the ordinary icing sheet and it isn’t transparent. It needs color to hold as the basis of the edible ink color schemes.

After printing in the sheet, you may now stick it unto the cookie base. When packing the cookies, always be mindful of the ink since it is sensitive. It may easily stick to surfaces and easily ruin the picture. It is advised that in this type of pastry, packaging should be fit to its size and its cover has to have a transparent face.

Making photo cookies are as easy as printing a simple photo; the only difference is that, you’re making an edible one and you need to be really careful in handling it and not mess it up. Edible ink holds way less grip than the ordinary toner. It may be hard to maintain yet that’s one factor that makes a photo cookie more special.

You exert more effort in making, packing and keeping the image intact until the receiver takes hold of it.

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Photo Cookies and How to Make Them
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