Steps to Make Photo Cookies

photo-cookiesWhile edible pastry products have already taken the baking industry by storm, photo cookies are the latest customizable food products that are hitting the bakeries faster than a falling raindrop hits the ground!

While baking a photo cake or pastry might be as simple as placing the icing sheet on top of the cake frosting, making a photo cookie requires some extra effort by you. But otherwise, it follows the same procedure of printing and pasting an edible image on your cookie.

How to Make Photo Cookies?

Here are the steps to make delicious photo cookies at your home:

1. Create a digital version of the image and place its copies according to the scale on a word document.

2. You can get your file printed on an icing paper at your local bakery for a very nominal price.

3. Now, you have to get your cookie dough ready and prepared for baking.

4. Next, trace out the shape of the cookies and cut them in square shapes that will act as a perfect base for your images.

5. You can add a layer a frosting on the edges of the cookie to give it a more consistent border and a more defined look.

6. Fill the top layer of the cookie with a consistent layer of frosting for placing the images.

7. The layer of frosting will act as an absorbent base for the image. Carefully place the image cut-out on top of your cookie to get delicious photo cookies.

8. Bake the cookies and enjoy them!

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Steps to Make Photo Cookies
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