How Do You Put Photographs On Cakes?


Putting the celebrant’s photos on cakes has become the latest thing to do, alongside the more usual writing of messages or names and all the decorations that go on cakes.

It is unique, it is different, and it is called the photo cake by the baking communities. But how is it possible to put photos on cakes?

Making A Photo Cake

Technology is the backbone of the photo cake.

Bakers use photographs of the customers choosing, scan and then save an electronic copy.

Printers are used to print edible forms of the photograph. Usually, any printer can be used for this, even the in bubble jet or inkjet printer you have in your home office.

The baker must be careful to avoid mixing up edible ink with inedible ink. Most bakers have a printer used is especially utilized only to create edible photographs. It is more hygienic that way.

Printing requires ink and paper. The paper for a photo cake is called the paper for the icing or the frosting sheet. The ink used is special, made edible and not bad for the body.

The frosting sheet technology has come a long way. Earlier, it was only made out of rice. Now, it can be made from starch and sugar mixtures, cornstarch and even potatoes!

The ink is made out of the same substances make food coloring and sugar.

Photo cakes easily dissolve on the surface of the cake, and then it appears to be made directly on the cakes. It doesn’t have much taste or texture, and it doesn’t affect the taste of the cake.

How Edible Images on Cakes Are Made

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How Do You Put Photographs On Cakes?
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