What Is 3D Printed Meat?

Okay, this might look like we’re joking, but 3D food printing is actually a very real thing. 3D printed meat is slowly becoming a reality, and in the last couple of years, numerous products have been made. Yes, that red meat you know and love can now be 3D printed. If you’re looking to find […]

How to Make Gorgeous Printed Chocolates with Any Digital Design Using INKEDIBLES Edible Ink and a CAKEPRO Direct to Food Printer

We printed directly to Hersheys milk chocolate and also to white chocolate to demonstrate the capabilities of the CakePro series printers. The CakePro model used in this video is the CakePro800, which is a $4400 printer and in the middle-price-range of our CakePro series printers (see https://www.inkedibles.com/direct-to-cake-edible-printers.php).